A day without cookies!

Cookies are a big part of the web much in the same way as Wi-Fi, HTML and JavaScript.  Cookies are used to allow for session affinity (logging in to web site), make for a better user experience, putting items into the shopping cart, and more.  Cookies are so common that greater than 90% of all sites use cookies.

While most cookies are harmless and even helpful some are used for negative purposes.  In worst case scenarios cookies can be used to determine a user’s policital affiliation, sexual orientation, or other personally identifiable information.

Cookies have become such a big problem that the EU has legislation known as the Cookie Law.  This law requires sites to let users know that cookies are used and for what purposes.

So what would the web be like without cookies?  In order to try and find let’s block all cookies for a day.  

The first thing in the morning a quick check of the news. USA Today, ESPN, and local news site all work great!

Opening the email app works just fine but don’t plan on checking that mail from a browser as you’ll get an error message.  The good news here is that most people use apps and not browsers to check email and blocking cookies isn’t going to affect that experience.  

As the day progresses and the work day begins it’s quickly a no-go on corporate internet sites.  Everything requires cookies (understandly) so I stay on the work issued device and perform my daily task.  However as the stock market opens its time to check and see how the world of economics is performing.  Bloomberg, Nasdaq, and Google searches all work flawlessly.  There’s been no noticeable differences in performance or user experience.

As the afternoon fast approaches its time to check the markets once more and see any major headline (crypto currencies again!).  It’s also time to check Amazon for deals of the day.  There’s a Fire Stick with Alexa!  Quickly this is added to cart but that requires cookies so the Amazon app loads and I notice there’s three other items in my cart.  Done!

Now that the sun has set it’s time to check Google Classroom.  No dice from the browser but there’s an app for that (no problem there).  Need a minute to remind the kids that there’s still homework to get done!!!

It’s time to call it a day.  Other than work anything that needs to know it’s me I have an app for that.  Regular web browsing has been just fine.  Maybe denying cookies won’t have that much of an impact on day to day life.  If it keeps personal information like browsing history, targeted advertising, and more to a minimum then that’s great!

If you use a browser to check your email, FaceBook, etc. you’ll have to live with cookies but its worth considering using native apps.  You’ll even have a better experience with these apps then using their browser counterparts.